Activity: Evaluate the source of your knowledge

Activity Description: Please choose a piece or source of knowledge (preferably a source you use on a daily basis). This could be an (online) newspaper, social media group/page, a website with informative content, video database etc. After reading/listening to a piece of information from that source, please try to evaluate it by using the form below (please note that the questions listed are optional. You don’t need to address all of them, and you may add your own questions in their place):

Do you agree with the source?

  • Is this convincing evidence?
  • How do I know what’s true and false?
  • What evidence counts?
  • How sure can I be?
  • What makes it credible?
  • How do I know this?
  • What more information do I need to understand this problem better or make this
  • decision? (i.e. to agree or disagree)
  • How does the source prove its point?
  • Where is the proof?

Is there any bias or favouritism to a particular point of view?

  • How else might this be written if someone else was the author?
  • How else might this be understood if someone else was the reader?
  • Can I look at it from a different direction?
  • What if I had a different history or expectation?
  • Whose point of view is this?
  • Whose point of view is being left out?
  • How is my own experience limited here?
  • Whose experience or story can help me understand this?
  • What do I think?

What history is there supporting this type of knowledge?

  • Have we seen something like this before?
  • Does this remind me of anything I have seen or studied? In books, in the news, in my life?
  • Is there a pattern?
  • What are the possible consequences?
  • How can these connections help me understand this information or this problem in an intelligent?
  • How is this connected to other broader circumstances?

How could this knowledge be approached otherwise?

  • Could this piece have been written differently?
  • Supposing that?
  • What if…?
  • What new sources can I try?
  • What would I do if I were in someone elses place?
  • What other solutions are possible?
  • What the consequences to these solutions?
  • Who can help in understanding this differently?
  • How else can I look at this?

What’s the big deal? For whom is it a big deal?

  • How does this knowledge affect the world around me/us?
  • Who is affected the most?
  • Is there something more important I should be thinking about?
  • How does this point of view affect my life?
  • If I take a step back and look at this more generally, what interpretation of the world around me do I have?
Activity: Creating Common Grounds for critical and creative discussion
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