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Activity: Create a Critical Reflection Mind Map

Task Description: For Topic 2 Reflection on own Pedagogical Practice, try using a graphic design platform (such as Canva) to develop a mind map that represents your critical reflection process.

Your critical reflection can articulate key questions you might ask yourselves, which they might in turn branch out to follow up questions.

While there is not a pre-defined set of questions to follow, you might find it helpful to critically reflect on the following areas:

  • Your pedagogical role and its limitations (e.g. teacher, parent, youth mentor etc.)
  • Your professional/personal environment (e.g. school, home, work)
  • How relationships between yourself and other people (e.g. colleagues or students) are shaped in that environment.
  • Broader social/community/public issues or ideologies that might impact your working environment.

Once you have spent 15-20 minutes on developing your mind map, spend an additional 10 minutes reviewing and answering your own questions, while allowing the addition of further questions if they arise.

You may apply this exercise with students/youth in order to facilitate critical reflection process.

Please find below a sample of a mind map that can be used as an example for this activity

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