Topic 2 Recording Learning Experiences

  • Storytelling is about remembering something I have experienced and narrating it. I tell a story from the beginning and how it continued until it was over. I activate my memory and recount how it happened. Storytelling is not just about me as a narrator, but also about those who listen to me; that is, it’s about listening itself and especially about the fact that those who listen to me want to understand what I’m saying. Because when I narrate, it helps the audience participate in my story.
  • The listeners learn something about how I behaved and what my motivation and background are. In this way, they can better understand why I am doing something and why I act the way I do. When I tell someone something about myself or listen to others when they tell something about themselves, then there is a greater sense of openness and trust between myself and others.
  • When telling a story, more interest in one another arises through understanding, listening, and a friendly conversational atmosphere.