Topic 3 Naming your podcast

Once you have an idea of the concept, it’s a good time to think about the name of your podcast. What makes a good podcast name? There are no hard-and-fast rules, but a search on the internet will usually give you the same general recommendations. Ideally you want the name to convey at a glance what the podcast is about. A descriptive name will help listeners know what they are getting into. It can also make the podcast easier to find. At the same time it is important that the name is catchy and not too long, this way you make sure it attracts attention and is easily remembered and pronounced. The challenge is to find the right balance.

When naming a podcast about sensitive subjects, it is also good to realise that certain terms can evoke negative associations and emotions. Both for (certain groups of) listeners and for possible guests. You might attract attention, but not necessarily in the way you want.

Coming up with a name
When coming up with a name, it can be useful to first make a short description of your podcast and to think about the keywords that will describe your podcast. This will give you some direction when you are thinking about names. You might also like to invite some people over for a brainstorming session – this will help stimulate creativity. These can be people from your environment, but maybe it is even smarter to approach people from your target group. If you have come up with a name, its worth getting feedback from a number of different people.


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