Topic 4 Dealing with inappropriate responses

The aim of your podcast and promotional activities is to start a positive and constructive dialogue around your topic. However, when addressing sensitive topics, you may also receive less pleasant responses, such as inappropriate or hurtful comments and messages. Its beneficial to think about how you’ll react when this happens. You may also be confronted with hate speech, or other types of comments and messages that exceed the limits of what is permissible. Investigate beforehand where you can report incidents (e.g., local authorities, third party reporting services) and what type of information is needed to do so. Also look into the tools that social media platforms offer to report hate speech. Below, you will find links to some useful resources on (dealing with) hate speech:


  • Detect then Act – Provides a report that discusses the phenomenom of online hate speech and regulations in various EU countries.
  • Unia provide a helpful outline on how to deal with hate speech
  • Here a team of professional communication experts outline how to respond to online trolling